UFO Club, a film by Steven Tsapelas

Film Festival laurels for Roswell Sci-Fi Film Fest 2022Film Festival laurels for Chain Film Festival 2022

UFO Club will play at the amazing Chain Film Festival on Friday, August 12 at 8pm. Make sure to get your tickets here.

When nerdy high school senior William learns his hero, an eccentric UFO hunter, has been arrested, he searches for a piece of evidence that will prove his innocence. However, it’s fallen into the hands of Alexandra, an intimidatingly confident classmate. A quirky romantic comedy set in 1998.

Past Screenings:

UFO Club had a close encounter of the nerd kind at The Roswell Sci Fi Film Festival

UFO Club rocked LIIFE so hard, we won the Audience Award. This is especially sweet, as the screenplay won the script competition in 2021.